3 Surefire Strategies to Position Your Expertise and Establish Credibility with a Self-Help, How-To or Business Book

Becoming a published author has many market advantages, including expanding your influence – when you do it right. Here are three surefire strategies to establish your credibility with your book and position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche:

Strategy #1: Include Exercises

Exercises are extremely important to the success of your business, self-help, or how-to book. Exercises help the reader implement and absorb the material. They get the reader to engage and progress toward the outcome or result. What does that do? It allows readers to experience the value of your expertise; positioning you as an authority in your field.

Strategy #2: Provide Examples

Stories or anecdotes are an essential component for connecting with a reader and giving him or her hope that they, too, can experience success. Stories create social proof and bring the main points alive. Successful nonfiction books are jam-packed with stories. They are one of the strongest teaching tools available. The best stories tell how someone handled the same situation the reader is currently experiencing and allows them to see the possibility of achieving the intended outcome. Stories show readers that you, the author, are an expert in solving the problem they want fixed.

Strategy #3: Present Your Material in a Simple Framework with a Signature System

The framework is the organizing method you use to deliver your content. Choose a framework that effectively delivers your signature system - the proprietary process you lead readers through to achieve a specific goal or outcome. People like simple systems. Step-by-step methods work - and they sell! They give readers a direct path to the solution. Without a system delivered in a simple framework, readers become lost, they lose interest and they don’t achieve results, which ultimately diminishes the author’s credibility and expert positioning.