5 Ways to Stay on Track to Write Your Self-Help, How-To or Business Book

Writing a book requires planning and efficient action. Here are five ways to help keep you on track to complete your book.

1. Set aside time to write. Create an area that is conducive for writing and set aside time each week to write. Schedule it on your calendar and keep that appointment with yourself.

2. Set a specific writing goal. Whether you commit to writing one page per day or dictating one chapter a week, research shows that when you set a clearly defined goal you are more likely to accomplish it.

3. Use an outline. Writing from a detailed table of contents or an outline provides a framework for each writing or dictation session. It keeps you focused and eliminates the stress of staring a blank sheet of paper.

4. Speak your manuscript. The fastest and easiest way for nonfiction authors to “write” their manuscript is to speak-the-book and have the recordings transcribed. 

5. Delegate work. Writing a book consists of much more than just the writing element. Consider delegating non-writing tasks such as research and line-editing.