6 Secrets to Establish Your Self-Help, How-To or Business-Book Writing as Authoritative

If you’re passionate about your subject and have extensive knowledge about your topic, but you’re not an established expert, how do you get readers to trust your material? The key is to establish your writing as authoritative.

1. Conduct Research. Conduct research to cite studies, statistics, laws, and historical information to ensure your credibility on any subject.

2. Interview Experts. Publishers and readers rarely embrace “personal theory” books, unless the author has unique credentials or has achieved a remarkable feat. You’ll need to

3. Collaborate with an Expert. You create instant credibility when you collaborate with an expert. Often, in that scenario, the authority is lending their expertise while you will do all the planning and writing.

4. Work in the Field to Gain Personal Knowledge. One way to establish credibility is to have personal experience on the subject you’re writing about. Readers love anecdotes. If you’re planning to write a “Guide to Training Rescue-Dogs” you might consider volunteering at your local rescue-dog training center.

5. Have a Famous Person or Known-Expert Write Your Book’s Foreword. Readers assume that if an expert has written a foreword for a book, the

6. Hire a Professional Editor. One of the benefits of being a writer is anyone can do it. Yes, you need to understand how to craft a sentence and effectively convey an idea, but you don’t need a degree in writing. The more you write, the better you become as a writer.  All successful writers use professional editors. There are several levels of editing available from line-editing to developmental editing, with fees averaging $25 to $65 per hour.  Visit the Editorial Freelancer’s Association for a list of professional editors.